We believe in equipping people for God-centred dating and relationships.

For us, it started with a book. We wanted to write something that would truly help people wrestle with the heartache of being dumped, the damage done by unfaithfulness, and the confusion of knowing if ‘we’re well suited or not’ in a way that made room for God in all the excitement and disappointment. We wanted to write a book that would help people apply biblical truths to their circumstances. We wanted a book that was based on more than opinion and experience; whilst God can and does work through these things, His Word is holy, full of grace and wisdom and always trustworthy.

Our aim is to shake up the way we date and help Christians who follow Jesus, make more room for Him in this area. We want people to enjoy relationships, to strengthen good relationships and be blessed in a way that God wants us to be through our relationships. We want to support those dealing with failed relationships and romantic rejection by offering useful and biblical advice. We want to educate and enable people to develop an ethical and biblical approach to this important but often overlooked area and break the cycle of broken families and low aspiration caused by a lack of stable relationships, Biblical teaching and good family role models.

Our work doesn’t give ‘easy’ or ‘fool proof’ steps for finding that special someone, but our prayer is that it will allow us to date in a more fulfilling, enjoyable and God-centred way.

We don’t promise to solve every relationship issue or foolishly offer a ‘10 easy steps for finding love’, but the Relationship Dilemma Project is a place to keep exploring and asking questions. We aim to offer Biblical advice for building healthy relationships and a chance to interact with others who are wrestling with the same issues. We want to show how much God cares for you and how he wants to bless your relationships, romantic or otherwise, and how we can keep building on his desires in our search for love. We want to support you through the mess and success.

As of September 2015, The Relationship Dilemma Project became part of the Naked Truth initiative, and we all sit under the overarching charity called Visible but our aim remains the same.

So please look around, engage and reflect on what this website says. Share what you read with your friends or use it to help the people you work with. Check out some of the courses we run in various churches and contexts. And, lastly, our prayer is that you will know that God’s love is the best love you will ever know. He wants to show you how to nurture good and healthy relationships and help you get through your mistakes, romantic joys and messy dilemmas.

‘But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us’
Romans 5:8 NIV

André Adefope
Co-author of The Dating Dilemma
Head of The Relationship Dilemma Project