Andre Adefope, Head of Relationship Development

I’m passionate about giving people the tools they need to build God-centred, mutually fulfilling and enjoyable relationships. I have been delivering talks and seminars to small groups, large audiences, and to a variety of ages on God-centred relationships for over ten years.

I have been able to support groups in their work by delivering talks at church services, one-off events, Christian Unions, weekends away, outreach events and the like. I have also had the pleasure of speaking at national events like Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor, Momentum, Keswick, Finishing Generation Congress, The Proximity Conference, and others.

Some of the talks I deliver cover the areas of:

  • Dating and Biblical Principles
  • The Practicalities of Dating
  • Singleness in the Church
  • Singleness and Dating
  • Theology of Relationships
  • Relationships and affects of Pornography

These can be delivered for young people and adults, as well as training for those supporting them. Please get in touch via the contact page if you would like to know more about possible dates, or hear more about the talks I can deliver.