Jonathan & Nathan

In the Naked Truth Relationships Podcast, christians with different relationship statuses and histories chat about what it’s really like in church when it comes to dating, singleness, marriage and everything in between. Each discussion is led by André, who always asks his 2 guests 3 main questions: What’s your experience of this stuff in a christian context? How has the christian community helped or hindered? What’s the main thing that needs to change? 

Today, Andre is chatting with Jonathan and Nathan about singleness and dating. Their work with Rivers&Robots and Set Sail means they are constantly working with people their age who find themselves with all types of relationship statuses, so they are well placed to talk about what being single and starting a relationship is like in the church and Christian community. Why is it seen as such a hard thing to talk about in church? Why is it hard to date when you are part of a community? Why does the whole dating thing seems so intense? How do you break-up well? André, Jonathan and Nathan discuss all of this and more.

Enjoy! (Also available on Anchor & Spotify)