Grace & Claire

In the Naked Truth Relationships Podcast, christians with different relationship statuses and histories chat about what it’s really like in church when it comes to dating, singleness, marriage and everything in between. Each discussion is led by André, who always asks his 2 guests 3 main questions: What’s your experience of this stuff in a christian context? How has the christian community helped or hindered? What’s the main thing that needs to change? 

Grace and Clare join André in this episode to talk about their experience of singleness. They are both in their mid 20s and single themselves, having had a few relationships in the past. Despite the similarities they share, their perspective on singleness and the church, the pressures they go through, and their experience of being single, are actually quite different. Yet, working this out within the christian community is something they’re both doing, and they openly discuss the wisdom and things they’ve learned as they reflect on their situations 

Check out the episode below! (Also available on Anchor and Spotify)