Simon & Sarah

In the Naked Truth Relationships Podcast, christians with different relationship statuses and histories chat about what it’s really like in church when it comes to dating, singleness, marriage and everything in between. Each discussion is led by André, who always asks his 2 guests 3 main questions: What’s your experience of this stuff in a christian context? How has the christian community helped or hindered? What’s the main thing that needs to change? 

This episode welcomes Simon and Sarah who’ve been married for three years. André discusses with them how marriage affects mission, and how mission affects marriage, as they talk about what it’s like bringing God into our relationships, whether married or dating. Simon and Sarah also evaluate the conversations they were having when they started dating, when they got engaged, when they got married, and the ones they have now. They honestly share about their own hopes and dreams around church leadership and church planting, giving insight into some helpful questions couples can chat about as they think about this stuff, and how to be involved in mission whilst being a couple.

Check out the episode below! (Also available on Anchor and Spotify