Garreth & Emily

In the Naked Truth Relationships Podcast, christians with different relationship statuses and histories chat about what it’s really like in church when it comes to dating, singleness, marriage and everything in between. Each discussion is led by André, who always asks his 2 guests 3 main questions: What’s your experience of this stuff in a christian context? How has the christian community helped or hindered? What’s the main thing that needs to change? 

Dating in church, and creating christian dating cultures which are supportive and a genuine alternative to how our culture says we should date, raises the need to ask lots of difficult questions. Today André is joined by Garreth, who is a church leader in his late 20s and has recently started a dating relationship. Emily is chatting to André too; she is in her mid 20s and recently married and works with students in her church. Their context and personal journeys mean this conversation delves deeply into how church is helping and hindering us as we try and build healthy and godly dating cultures, as well as touching on some of the subtle differences men and women face in the dating world.

Check out the episode below! (Also available on Anchor and Spotify