We believe in equipping people for God-centred relationships

For me, it started with a book. I wanted to write something that would truly help people wrestle with the heartache of a dating breakup, the damage done by unfaithfulness, and the confusion of knowing if ‘we’re well suited or not’.

  • I wanted to really help people build relationships that are enjoyable and fulfilling. In a way that makes room for God in all the excitement and disappointment.
  • I wanted to write a book that would help people apply biblical truths to their circumstances.
  • I wanted a book that was based on more than my opinion and experience. Whilst God can and does work through our experiences, His Word is holy, full of grace, wisdom, and is always trustworthy.

In 2013 I co-authored and released ‘The Dating Dilemma: A Romance Revolution’. It’s for people who are single, dating, or those supporting people who are dating. It aims to shake up the way we date and help those who follow Jesus make more room for Him in this area.

After writing the book I thought I would be done, but my passion grew and grew and I was desperate to keep supporting and equipping people in this area. To keep working alongside those dealing with the highs of dating, as well as failed relationships and romantic rejection, by offering useful and biblical advice. To keep developing an ethical and biblical approach with those I connected with, so we can apply it to this important but often overlooked area. To inspire people to break the cycle of past hurts, broken families and low aspiration caused by a lack of stable relationships, Biblical teaching, and good role models.

As a result, I started The Relationship Dilemma charity in 2013 with some help from my friends. I began posting resources online and delivering talks at churches and events around the country. (You can book a talk here) I committed about one day of my free time to the cause and started to see God bring a small change in people.

So in 2014 I cut my hours down in my paid work and volunteered two to three days a week at my Relationship Dilemma charity. As of September 2015, it became part of the Naked Truth Project, which sits under the overarching charity called Visible. The work I do is now called Naked Truth Relationships, but the aim remains the same.

We have been working with people all over the country for many years, delivered numerous talks, partnered with loads of organisations, and as of 2019 we have posted over 180 blogs.

We still exist to offer Biblical advice for building healthy relationships, and a chance to interact with others who are wrestling with the same issues. We want to highlight how much God cares for you and how He wants to bless your relationships, romantic or otherwise. We want to stand alongside you and offer some help so that you can keep building on his desires in your search for love.

We exist to support you through the mess and success of relationships

I can’t promise to solve every relationship issue, or foolishly give ‘10 easy steps for finding love’. I don’t offer ‘easy’ or ‘foolproof’ plans for getting that special someone. My prayer is that we can date, build friendships, navigate singleness and model marriage in a more fulfilling, enjoyable and God-centred way, particularly in the ever-changing world of dating.

Above all, I pray that you will know that God’s love is the best love you will ever know. He wants to show you how to nurture good and healthy relationships and help you get through your relationship joys and messy dilemmas.

‘But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us’
Romans 5:8 NIV

André Adefope is the Head of Relationship Development at Naked Truth, the co-author of the Dating Dilemma book, and oversees the Naked Truth Relationships project (formerly called Relationship Dilemma). He has years of experience teaching and supporting people in the area of building God-centred relationships, and is passionate about seeing people thrive in this area.
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