We believe in equipping people for God-centred relationships

All relationships, whether it’s with friends, marriage partners, people we date, colleagues, those at church or in our community, these relationships are meant to make us feel safe and secure. They’re meant to make us feel wanted and like we belong.

Relationships are designed by God to be a gift and a blessing. We’re passionate about standing alongside people, helping them and exploring together what tools we need to build relationships that bring real fulfilment. Especially in the area of dating.

But life is messy. To be human is to be messy. We have all unfortunately experienced relationships that hurt us, and been unloving to others when we’re confused or struggling. We make mistakes and question who we are, who we should be, and if we are loveable deep down.

So I’m passionate about helping people explore how to enjoy romantic relationships, and strengthen good relationships, and be blessed by God through great relationships.

Despite what we sometimes hear, no one is born knowing what makes relationships work. These skills are learned. We all need to learn how to build good friendships and romantic relationships. We all need to learn how to truly love and accept love. We all need to learn how to build a community which gives us purpose and identity. It’s okay to admit that everyone needs some guidance and wisdom.

We want you to feel wanted and to have amazing relationships. We want you to enjoy them and know how to navigate through the low points. We want your relationships to truly be amazing. (Read our post called: What makes relationships work? What makes them weak?)

So take a look around this site, read the blogs and make comments, share and be part of building something that can make us all feel like we belong.