At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. The king of the universe, the all-powerful God, who chose to become human and connect with us on our level. It’s amazing. So often we think Jesus just became human to get to the cross. But the truth is, his birth was the beginning of a life-changing relationship.

I thought I would keep up the recently instigated Christmas tradition, and point you to the Christmas post I wrote a few years ago. Every time I read it I’m reminded how important the birth of Jesus is, and how easily it can be overlooked. Which is why I’m keen to highlight the post again this year.

As you celebrate Christmas, I hope you find time to reflect on the amazing relationship Jesus offered us by coming down and being born a human, and are overwhelmed by what he offers us, and what he went through in order to truly connect with us…

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Originally posted 25/12/2017